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For many people on the island, the sweet potatoe is an essential food of the daily diet. This vegetable is part of the culture, tradition and is represented in many local recipes in Lanzarote. A group of cooks formed by Isidro Pérez, Alejandra Ordenes and Paolo Meli, have recently opened a small shop in the village of San Bartolomé, where they offer meals made exclusively with sweet potatoe.

The menus vary daily, incorporating new recipes and some existing recipies from other countries. The goal is to recover the old recipes and other unknown exotic ones.

The menu includes sweet potato tortillas, sweet potato gnocchi, vegetable hamburger with sweet potato, Chinese noodles with sweet potato or traditional chips (sweet potato chips), sweet potato and sweet potato along with yogurt Goat’s milk with potato jam. In addition, the menu will vary daily and in fact incorporate recipes from countries like India or Japan, with dry and one hundred percent organic ecological.