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Theres no time to lose and the preperations can start as Arrecife chooses the Magic World of Disney as an allegory for Carnival 2025. From the iconic characters of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, to princess stories like Cinderella, Snow White and Elsa from Frozen, as well as exciting adventure stories like Toy Story, The Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean. This decision was the result of a popular vote in which the theme related to The Walt Disney Company and its extensive production of content, characters, products and experiences obtained 22% of the votes, surpassing the other proposed themes.The survey, enabled on the municipal website of the Arrecife City Council between June 5 and 14, had a wide participation. The eight proposed topics and their respective percentages of votes were as follows:
Disney: 22%
Ancient Civilizations: 9%
Adventures: 6%
A storybook carnival: 18%
World travelers: 10%
The murguero world: 12%
A carnival in ancient Rome: 10%
Chicago Gangster 1930s: 13%