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The tourist board has predited that the activity in Lanzarote airport will fall far short of arrivals this winter compared to previous years due to the problems caused by the pandemic. The programing has reached just  374 flights which is  a decrease of 28%. Daily links between the island and various national destinations seem guaranteed, at least in the short term, on the basis that every week there are 138 inter-island flights, with a predominance of Gran Canaria over Tenerife; and 47 connections with various Spanish mainland airports. Domestic flights will account for about half of all flights arriving per week depending on no more cancellations and lock downs. Its hoped that 108 will continue from the UK although airlines have already started to back out as they are unsure of what measures will be in place over the coming weeks. Germany are up to 29 flights a week ,there are 15 connections from France and 9 from Holland. Other links are as follows Belgium (5 a week), Denmark (3), Finland (1), Ireland (5), Italy (3), Luxembourg (1), Norway (2), Sweden (2) and Switzerland (4).