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The everyday care and attention of the gardeners to keep the Cactus Gardens at their best afford this Lanzarote attraction as one of the great gardens of the world. In fact The Great Gardens of the World organization, in association with Grandi Giardini Italiani, an organization focused on natural beauty, has included the gardens in its catalogue. This special part of the island which was transformed by César Manrique into the home for 4,500 specimens of 450 different species of 13 families of cacti from different parts of the world including Africa, America and Oceania Accompanied by an extensive photographic report, Great Gardens of the World reveals on its website some of the keys to Manrique’s intervention in transforming the area and intergrating all the features of the history of the landscape and culture of Lanzarote. The CEO of the Centers for Art, Culture and Tourism, Benjamín Perdomo, points out that the presence of the Cactus Garden in this publication is a source of pride and a new international recognition of the creative  mind of César Manrique and a tibute to the constant effort carried out by the workers to keep it in perfect condition.Great Gardens of the World is an organization based in Italy dedicated to publicizing the important role that gardens play, becoming a modern agora where nature and design contribute to improving human habitats and the balance and well-being of people .