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The north of Lanzarote is renowned for spectacular view points. Its feels like you can reach the heavens as this is where some of the highest mountains are. The most well known cliff face amongnst tourists is the Risco de Famara. Many visitors that explore will find themselves on the sandy beach of Famara looking up at the mountains the dominate the landscape. This spactacular view appears on postcards and island propaganda making it one of the most viewed sights of Lanzarote. At the top of the mountains you can imagine that the views are equally spectacular. If you like to discover the sights that are not on the traditional tourist route there is a viewpoint called Cueva de las Cabras (Caves of the Goats). Is not easy to get to but you can get there by car but beware it is very much off the beaten track. This is an excellent place to enjoy panoramic views of La Graciosa, the Atlantic Ocean and  the southern Landscape of Lanzarote. A great place to enjoy a sunset but remember you will have to navigate your way back.