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Today (31st August) sees the release of an new free Lanzarote App dedicated to public transport on the island. The Lanzarote Council has colaborated with Arrecife Bus to offer passengers detailed information, and in real time, on interurban buses. The App is available in Spanish, English and German and will prove to be very usefull for visitors on the island enabling them to check bus routes and schedules and locate stops. It has been designed in real time so passengers can also check any late changes to routes and times. The app is made up of eight modules with the following functionality:
Route: in this section you can see which is the most suitable line to reach the destination.
Next Bus: shows the arrival time of the bus at the stop where the user is.
Next Stop: once the device’s GPS has been activated and while on board the bus, in this section you can find out the next stops.
Lines and Hours: shows all available lines, their frequency and departure times.
Rates: know the available tickets, their conditions, prices and where they can be requested.
Favorites: in this section you can see the stops, buses and routes most used by the user, that is, the favorites.
Real Time Tracker: information on line alterations, such as traffic cuts or specific detours, as well as relevant information on the interurban transport service.
Card Balance: this option allows you to check the balance if you have purchased a transport card.

The free app is available on Google Play for Android systems:

You can download the app to your phone via Google Play Store

or Apple Store for iOS systems