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The whole world has changed since the arrival of Covid-19 and we are all coming to terms with new rules and regulations. Here is what to expect now if you are coming to Lanzarote.

Before Travel

You will be required to fill out a FCS health form. On filling out the form, you will receive a QR code which can be downloaded to your mobile phone.
Please go to for more information

On Arrival.

You will be asked for the QR code from the FCS Health form mentioned above.
Your temperature will be taken and you will be observed by medical personnel.
If any of the above cause concern, you will be asked to move to one side and will asked more questions by the medical staff. If found to have a fever you may be tested. If negative you can go on your way. If positive you will taken to isolation accommodation that has been set up with the local authorities for this very purpose.

Local Transport

Taxis are running as normal.
Buses are running but might not be quite so frequent
For bus timetables go to IntercityBus for more information. If paying in cash you will need the exact change.
Masks must be worn on all public transport at all times.

Local Restaurants and Bars

At the moment, around 50% of the restaurants and bars in the resort areas are open. Some are open at particular times instead of their usual opening hours so it is worth checking on line or on their social media. Nightclubs remain closed but a lot of the local bars still do have live music.
In the residential and non resort towns and coastal areas you will find most things open.
Tables should be at least 1.5m apart from each other. Maximum of 10 people at one table.
Masks should be worn when entering , going to the bathroom and leaving the establishment but once seated you can remove them.
Smoking is now not permitted in any outdoor public area  where you cannot be 2m away from someone.
Menus are either wipe-able or a lot of places are using a QR code that you can scan on your phone and it will open the menu on your mobile.
Most restaurants are still accepting cash but prefer card or a contactless method of payment.


All the supermarkets are open as usual.
Masks should be worn at all times. You may find that your temperature is taken at the entrance. There will be hand santizer that you must use and some may ask you to put gloves on.


Beaches are all open but most do not have sunbeds at the moment. Those that do will have set up sunbeds at least 1.5m from the next group of people or household. Anyone using them are asked to disinfect the sunbeds before and after use and use a towel. Spray santizer or disinfectant is sold in most supermarkets.
Most shops in the resort are selling lightweight folding sunbeds or inflatables that you can use in lieu of the sunbeds.
Masks are to worn when walking on to the beach and whilst walking around the beach but can be removed once sat or sunbathing and obviously when swimming as long as you are at least 1.5m away from the next group of people.

Local Regulations – The Nitty Gritty

Carry a mask with you at all times; on the spot fines are given to those who do not have one.
Masks must be worn by anyone over the age of 6 years in all indoor public places except for when eating and drinking as mentioned above.
Masks do not have to be worn if you are out and away from a populated area eg if you are walking in the country, but you must carry a mask with you at all times so you can put one on should you cross someone else along the way.
Masks do no need to be worn if you are doing an individual outdoor sport eg running.
Exemptions are for those with some kind of illness but it would be best to have a doctor letter and even better to have it translated into Spanish.
Any form of Smoking, including vaping is not permitted outdoors where you cannot distance by at least 2m.
Gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed indoors or outdoors.
Use hand sanitizer before entering anywhere.Maintain social distance at all times.

These rules may sound tough but in actual fact we have all learned for the time being to live with it.  You can still enjoy the wide open spaces and beaches and sit in the sun and sip a cold glass of wine or beer. 
We still love Lanzarote and we hope you do too.