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For anyone who has ventured down to the Matagorda area of Puerto del Carmen you may have noticed a wind mobile situated on the small roundabout close to the Jameos Playa hotel on Avenida de las Playas. Designed by the island faous architect the work is part of Cesar Manriques  collection that can be seen a different points all over the island. This one is called ‘Robalo’ and is due to be remodeled so that all its pieces have mobility and can move freely in the wind. Much of the work is intended to be carried out on site a lthough it is not ruled out that part of the work will have to be dismantled and transfered to the workshop in Arrecife where maintenance is carried out for all of the islands wind toys. The sculpture made up of fish is 12 meters high and has been in place since mid-2017 originaly introduced  by the Tías City Council and the César Manrique Foundation (FCM).