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Famara is a unique place on Lanzarote, situated on the north west coast, with the longest beach on the island and nestled below the Famara cliffs locally known as the Riscos. Also beneath the cliffs are the unusual Famara bungalows or Bungalows Noruegos as they are known locally. Built by the Norwegian company Island Homes in the 1960s as holiday homes, even the building materials were brought from Norway. These unusually shaped bungalows have been constructed in such a way to be sheltered from the prevailing NE winds, an adaption of the local “zocos”( semicircular, half moon rock walls built by hand to protect you from the wind) and have been staggered as be private; not one bungalow overlooks another.These days they are mostly residential (owners include a super model and an Spanish exprime Minister) but there are some available for holiday rental as well.