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The Lanzarote Tourist Centers have announced a new tour promoting it amongst their selection of premium tours. The CEO of the Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism, On Thursday Benjamin Perdomo, presented the tour  to the tourism sector which is set to inspire the interest in these natural caves, discovering new corners. This tour is desighned to invite you to explore volcanism and geology of La Corona volcanic tube, formed approximately 21,000 years ago. The experience extends through from the usual route to the bowels of the cave where you will find a Geodynamics station. This station is one of three permanent observation modules located on the island from which the planet is measured. Its here that fundamental data related to the study of geodesy and geophysics collected and stored. The route back

On the way back, multimedia technology will offer Premium visitors the possibility of enjoying the extraordinary acoustics of the Cueva de los Verdes Auditorium through the projection of a recorded performance by the timpanist José Vicente Pérez. Its an experience aimed to help discover a lesser-known facet of the extraordinary work of César Manrique.

The first tour was attended by representatives of  the Lanzarote Experience, Destination Touristic Services, Global Incentive, Jumbo Tours, Viajes Tara, Tui Group, First Minute, APIT and Aboraservice, Central de Reservas Lanzarote, Low Cost Tour Europe, MT Global and Lanzaroteguides.

Maybe worth a try on your next visit to the island