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The underwater museum off the coast of Playa Blanca which has been a tourist attraction amongst divers has just announced that it will be closing. It was thought that the museum would be a pemenant feature for Lanzarote but unfortunately it has become economically unsustainable. The museum formed part of the network of tourist centres on the island. At the moment there are no plans to remove the statues and they will be left in the ocean with free access to visitors. Despite the publicity and money allocated by the previous government, visits to the attraction were low due to the conditions and diving experience of tourists arriving on the island. Closing the museum is expected to save 600,000 euros a year. The entrance to the museum was just 12 euros per visit and the tickets were sold in conjunction with various dive clubs operating in Lanzarote. In 2019, 8,040 divers viewed the museum, which represents an average of 22 per day. And that according to a study presented by the council in 2017 Lanzarote received 176,644 tourists who came to dive around the island which equates to less than 5% of them showing interest in the museum.