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The Canary islands have always taken great pride in the cleanliness of their waters and have strived to obtain blue flags on the beaches but now Lanzarote is measuring air quality as well. Arrecife beach has become one of the first places in the Canary Islands to install air quality meters. A sensor station on the beach of El Reducto has been erected to measure air quality to help protect the ozone by detecting carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide in the environment, among others gasses. The data is measured in real time, and shared with the other islands. There is already a meter in the area of Punta de los Vientos between Arrecife and Costa Teguise as there are facilities which include an energy station generating electricity and a desalination plant in this area. Now, an initiative taken by the Arrecife City Council will follow the levels on the main beach. The initiative is in time to install more meters around the city. The data is used for the air quality index (ICA) which is an indicator of air quality which can help determine the effects on health in any given place. The meter will promote the beach as a healthy place with high quality waters and clean air.