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Virtual concerts are becoming normality at this time with everybody being advised to stay at home. everyone is coming up with innovative ideas to connect or entertain around the world through social media. The benefits are that we are not limited to concerts in our local area and if you have ever wondered what a concert would be like in Jameos del Agua (the caves in the north of Lanzarote) then now is the time to find out. You can plan a special evening with your home comforts around you, maybe open a bottle of wine and tune in on-line to watch Carlos Pérez, (saxophonist) and his son Christopher (pianist) Israel Curbelo (percussist), Tony Cantero (on guitar), together with timpanist Toñín Corujo who will be performing in a special concert to continue with programme of Jameos Nights that take place all year but unfortunately is postponed due to the temporary closure.It will be one of those special nights to show solidarity during this time with the Toñin Corujo Quartet. If you want to take part you can tune in on the CACT Lanzarote Facebook channel on Saturday, April 04 at 20:00 or download the application on YouTube on your smart TV. For more information click here.