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The whole world at the moment is making a conscious effort to get the pandemic under control with strict social distancing rules. This is just the first phase of reducing the numbers infected. Once the numbers of the infections have reduced all countries will be faced with the challenge of getting things back to normal. The tourism sector of the Canary Islands will face the difficult challenge ahead as the sector is one of the major contributors of the islands income. This is going to be a fine balancing act incorporating the of opening of complexes and the measures that will need to be taken to be able to receive visitors again with the guarantee that the islands can stay free for the virus.

The guidelines and the opening of the establishments will be set by the Government of the Canary Islands depending on how the pandemic evolves with the lack of confinement, which will begin to relax on the islands starting tomorrow – a week earlier than in the rest of Spain due to the low rate of infections that it has (14 per 100,000 inhabitants). However, for the Las Palmas hotel management, the key to a successful opening of the hotels and the tourism sector in general lies in carrying out massive tests on all tourists who are going to travel to the Canary Islands before boarding the plane. The idea being that whoever tests positive cannot travel. This probably remains the best solution to prevent the coronavirus from re-entering the islands, The problem in implementing this measure is that it will require airlines to staff themselves to carry out the tests and prevent people infected with the virus from entering the archipelago. 

While progress is made in this direction at the moment, everything points to hotels opening their doors at the end of the year (November-December). during the summer it is possible that the islands could start to receive local tourism. 

The Canary Islands Government is already working, through the Ministry of Tourism supported by experts to plan for a future with a series of measures to open with  the guarantee against the Covid-19 virus entering again.