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On saturday 14/03/20 the Spanish government introduced strict measurements to deal with the world crisis caused be the Coronavirus. From Monday 16/03/20 for the next 15 days citizens and visitors are required to stay at home with the following exceptions

1. Buying food or going to pharmacy for medication
2. Visiting a bank
3. Going to work or returning from work where working from home impossible and on minimum staff.
4. Home helps and carers helping dependent people
5. Any creditable or essential reason.

The Government will limit the movement of citizens to the maximum to stop the spread of the coronavirus. All of Spain is formally closed with the development of the decree of the state of alarm. In the draft of the text, which Cadena SER advanced and to which EL PAÍS has had access, the limitations of movements are very clear: Citizens “may only circulate on public roads to carry out the following activities: a) acquisition of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities. b) Assistance to health centers. c) Travel to the workplace to carry out their labor, professional or business provision. d) Return to the place of habitual residence. e) Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people. f) Displacement to financial entities. g) Due to force majeure or need. h) Any other activity of an analogous nature duly justified ”. That is, basically no one can move except to go to work, go home, or search for food and medicine. Of course, the Government requires companies to establish telework for everyone whenever possible. “Employers, both public and private, will be obliged to facilitate measures that allow the employment or civil service of employees by means of non-contact means whenever possible,” the text states. This leaves a space open so that production is not completely interrupted, but it does force all employers to send home as many workers as they can.

The situation is being supervised by the police and army and large fines with the threat of imprisonment will be given to anyone not obeying the law.