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So traffic jams are a rare sight in Lanzarote and if there is a build up of vehicles on the road, it tends to last a few minutes. If you have been visiting the island for a number of years you may have noticed the increase in the number of cars now on the roads but looking at a recent study it has declined slightly over the year. Although in November it increased by 87% compared to the previous month, the annual accumulated stands at 6,287 registrations, compared to 8,051 in the same period of 2018. Vehicle registration has fallen by 2.19% in Lanzarote so far from year, leaving 6,287 until last month, compared to 8,051 registered in the same period of 2018. In addition, although in November they increased by 87.1% over the previous month (there were 1,001 and in October 535), compared to 2018 the Balance was also negative. The year-on-year decline in November, which stood at 0.6%, was nonetheless the lowest of the year. The largest was in August, with a fall of 60.3% compared to July of this year and 52.5% compared to the same month of 2018. As for the month with more vehicles registered, this year has been July, with 1,045 enrollments, although still slightly below the 1,108 registered in July 2018.As for the type of vehicles, the majority of registrations were passenger cars, with 4,918. They are followed by adaptable mixed vehicles, with 474 registrations; the motorcycles, with 401; and the vans, with 224. In the rest, 68 trucks, 47 SUVs, 33 buses and 32 mopeds are included. By municipalities, Arrecife was the one with the most enrollments, with 1,842, although closely followed by San Bartolomé, with 1,388. Next are Tías (1,106), Yaiza (872), Teguise (637), Tinajo (322) and Haría (120). Needless to say there are still a lot more than years gone by