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The village of Teguise has become part of a select association know as ¨The most beautiful villages in Spain¨ The group made the anouncement that Teguise will be included  during a meeting last week at the National Assembly of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain, which took place in the county of  Zamorano. This means that the village will now be included in the listing for 2020. There are 94 villages currently on the list that are spread over 15 counties, 2 of which are in the Canaries, the other being Betencuria in Fuerteventura.  To be included the counties have to abide by important aspects such as the care of heritage, the harmony of the municipality, cleaning, conservation of the facades, vehicle circulation, care of flowers and green areas, programmed cultural activity and attention to traditions, amongst many others points. There are 40 in total.
The benefits of the listing are hoped to improve tourism within the area