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A  long awaited car park in Puerto del Carmen looks as though its on time to be finished soon. There has been a problem with parking along the main strip ever since it was made a one way street and many of the parking bays were taken away. The new La Perla car park building which is located in the middle of the Avenida de las Playas in Puerto del Carmen is planned to open next year at the latest by 2021 according to Tias local council. The car park will provide 359 spaces which is all a part of a resort modernization Plan. The area will be converted from a site which was originaly apartments covering an area of ​​5,912 square meters. One  level of the car park will be used for commercial use, while the parking lots will be located from the second floor to the fifth. To prevent problems with traffic on the main strip acces will be granted from the street Guatifay and pedestrian access that will connect Guatifay Street with Las Playas Avenue.N