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A makeover has taken place in the Marina Puerto Calero to the benefit of tourists and residents Work has been carried out to create the largest beach in the Canary Islands for cultural and leisure events. This natural space has been designed by DO Unique events in collaboration with Garden Center Fuerteventura, with the intention of becoming a new meeting point for the lovers of nature and culture. The new beach will host three cultural days throughout the week with important musical activities and performances.  Its considered a new concept of leisure to also include sport and environmental education events unique in the Canary Islands combining entertainment and training.This initiative has been launched by DO Unique events, Arenao C&M, Garden Center and Oasis WildLife Fuerteventura and includes large royal palm trees, large coconut trees and 60 varieties of plants that will serve to recreate the beach. 300 tons of sand will be deposited from the Industrial Canarias de Forjados.