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Canarian product are proving to be more and more popular with tourists and a recent study by the councils data centre has proved that in 2018,  27% of visitors tried the local produce and 44% of these were British. Lanzarote has the second highest percentage among the group of islands tempting visitors with its excellent selection of products and gastrononomy. The survey was prepared by  the Tourism Expenditure Survey prepared by the Canary Institute of Statistics where the specific question was asked about the activities that tourists do during their stay on the island and an option where “Taste Canarian gastronomy or local products” appears. The responses concluded that 678,000 tourists had visited a restaurant and tried the typical cuisine or bought products unique to the islands. The figures equate to an an average daily expenditure was 139.46 euros per day compared to 148.47 euros spent by tourists who did not taste Canarian cuisine. If you are planning a holiday in Lanzarote or have been here before its well worth trying some of the tasty treats and dishes available that are produced here.