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Thousands of travelers and the Canarian tourism sector remain in suspense at the critical situation of British tour operator Thomas Cook. The bankruptcy of the company, which brings to the Canary Islands more than 4 million visitors a year has lead the Islands to its worst tourist crisis of this century. The fall of the multinational leaves 25,000 tourists trapped in hotels on the islands. During the day on Sunday, the company’s executives held emergency meetings with shareholders and creditors to find a solution. Unfortunately, the CAA, a state corporation whose purpose is to supervise and regulate all aspects of civil aviation in the United Kingdom, announced the cessation of the company’s operations with immediate effect and the cancellation of flights, holidays and all future reservations. In the Canary Islands the coup is of unpredictable consequences for the main economic sector which has previously suffered over the past couple of years from the airline closures of Air Berlin, Germania, Niki, Small Planet and Monarch. Anyone effected by the closure should visit