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The small cove of Playa Chica in the old town of Puerto del Carmen has been evidently popular with the diving community. The small dive center on the beach has been organising excursions and lessons for many,many years with many participants talking about the small wreck which is visited during the excursions. The centre has been under discussion for many years with the local council who have been planning to improve the construction as this infrastructure is very necessary for the tourism sector. During September more meetings are planned with professionals of the sector in an attempt to make this facility more attractive. Other projects in the past have been dis-guarded as no agreement could be reached and the projects have not been to everyone’s taste. The ideas have included ideas for changing rooms, a cafeteria and a open area to serve as common areas for access to the other two modules.The scheduled building must also have a large terrace to enable users to load and unload equipment. Parking around this area at the moment is virtually impossible. Also planned is a garden and promenade in the space closest to the jetty, specially designed to allow direct access to the water of the divers towards Playa Chica. Hopefully if all parties agree we could see some improvement in this area by the end of 2021