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There are a few countries in Europe that have a travel tax which tourists are expected to pay locally on arrival, Italy is one of them for example. The Canary islands have been thinking about this one for a while and every so often it comes into discussion again.
The reason or excuse (however you prefer to evaluate it) is that the money raised through this tax would offset environmental degradation, so has thus been named an Eco tax. Some of the autonomous areas of Spain already have a tax in place such as Catalonia and also the Balearics. This could be between .50 cents and 1.50€ per person, per night and relevant to the accommodation type. With over 20 million tourists arriving on Lanzarote a year, this would produce a good revenue to help maintain the island and its Eco status. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit is still a concern with many businesses worrying about the possible affect on tourism so I would imagine there are a few politicians nervous about an added tax