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A strange request has been made by the council of Arrecife who have recently contacted British sculptor, Jason de Caires Taylor to remove from the International Museum of Contemporary Art (MIAC) in Castillo de San José the sculptural ensemble called The Rising Tide, set at the tide.  The sculpture is visible on the coast just outside the castle in the sea.  The reason given by the council is that it is believed to damage the work of Lanzarote artist César Manrique. The artist expressed great sadness at the decision and stressed his disappointment pointing out that MIAC is a museum of contemporary art with a collection of artists with diverse works. He commented that the work is a vehicle to convey a message of activism in defense of the environment and the argument that damages the image of César is a real madness, because It is precisely what César did, to make Lanzarote an open art center. The artist has decided that he would start negotiations to find out what he can do with the four horses. In his opinion the current location in Arrecife is the best place for this work and says he is continuously receiving messages from tourists that enjoy the vision of the sculptures. He also commented that this location is perfect because the tides do not damage the horses. He advised the council that if they cannot find an alternative location to return them to the UK.