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Lanzarote was the only island in the Canary Islands to register an increase in the arrival of tourists during the month of June, with a rise of 2.9% over the same month last year according to data provided by FRONTUR and published by the ISTAC. Likewise, together with Tenerife, it was the only island to register an increase in the influx of tourists during the first half of the year, with an increase of 2.4%, which placed it at the head of the Archipelago. Particularly noteworthy is the 23.1% increase in the arrival of peninsular tourists to Lanzarote between January and June 2019, as well as the increase also experienced during that period in the influx of Irish (4.8%), British ( 4.3%), Belgians (1.5%) and French (0.6%) “, underline from the Cabildo in a statement.