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Following the devastating fires in Gran Canaria a fire was reported at 8:50 p.m. yesterday evening in El Bosquecillo ravine near to Haría. The little forest is situated on the mountain top of the cliffs of Famara and the area was developed orginaly as a secret place for the locals to go away from tourism  to BBQ and enjoy the spectacular views. Two fire trucks attended along with Civil Protection and Local Police. The mayor of Haría, Alfredo Villalba also attended to track the evolution of the fire and asses the danger to locals and neighboring villages if the fire got out of hand. The windy conditions made the fire very difficult didn’t help but by around 23:00 hrs  the fire was practically under control. The mayor has stressed the need to have more resources for emergencies in the north of the island. This has been mirrored with the recent fires in Gran Canaria where planes that collect sea water to extinguish the fires had to be brought down from the mainland of Spain.