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There has been a lot of news just lately regarding the first moon landing over 50 years ago in 1969. Since that day it is difficult to understand how we have not managed to set foot on any other planets, especially with all the technology available to us. Maybe this is one of the reasons as there is no risk to life to explore the outer depths of the solar system. There are however plans on the way to set foot on Mars. Quite a few probes have explored the territory but humans have not laid a footprint on this planet. There are places around the world used to simulate a possible landing and Lanzarote is one of them. The Pangaea project is geared up to train astronauts to land on the red planet and Lanzarote is one of the main training camps. An interesting article written by Mike MacEacheran can be found on the BBCs travel page. To find out more about Lanzarote where astronauts prepare for Mars click here