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The wines of Lanzarote are of economic  importance in the Canarian archipelago. The exclusive tastes are thought to be characterized by a volcanic-mineral flavor perfectly balanced with the relatively high acidity they present.

There us a great diversity of the types of grape grown to produce the wines but the white grapes are predominant and the volcanic malvasia is its main representative within the production and has been perfectly adapted to the conditions of the island.

The way to develop the crop consists in the making a hole of about 3 meters in diameter by 2.5 meters deep until reaching the surface of the buried soil to produce deep root systems.

Frequently, the hole is surrounded a stone structure that acts as a windbreak to protect the plant which visably creates the typical vineyard landscape of Lanzarote particularly around La Geria.

This is a form of cultivation where machinery is banned and the farming is completely manuel.