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The north of the island is a great contrast to the south with plenty of interesting viewpoints. Its the most mountainous part of the island and if you follow the of the LZ10 from the Ermita de las Nieves you will find plenty of contrasting viewpoints portunities find a series of really interesting viewpoints which will inlude Los Valles wind farm and the ravines of Cuchillo and Chafarís, and Valley of Malpaso Haría which is a very fertile region due to the humidity. This area is full of vegetables, potatoes and other foods abound thanks to its microclimate brought by the western winds of the Atlantic that drag the humid clouds to sprinkle this beautiful land of the north of Lanzarote.

Shortly before arriving at the road that takes you down to the picturesque town of Haría, there is the restaurant called Los Helechos. You can stop in the parking area where you will find a small terrace where you can make the most of the magnificent views of Chafarís ravine and the winding road that leads to Tabayesco