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Some thing most of us take for granted where in other parts of the world the simple arrival of running water is a cause for celebration. A local veteran of Tias Carmen Hernández was reunited with the sculpture that commemorates the arrival of water in th village
The work, was created by the sculptor Julián Bermúdez and depicts this rural woman of 93 years  from nearby La Asomada and is in homage to the arrival of the water to the south of Lanzarote and situated on a site built 50 years ago where a large cistern supplied water to the population.

Previously the scarcity of water forced the population of the villages to move to the capital and as a result at the 1968 the work of canalization of the waters from drilled holes was completed at the t on top of Montaña Blanca and deposited in a large cistern built on the current Central Avenue.

This year commemorates the 50th anniversary of that milestone, the government group of Tías, led by the mayor Pancho Hernández, commissioned the young sculptor born in the municipality, Julián Bermúdez Mesa, to recreate in a sculpture this symbolism of the arrival.

Julián Bermúdez, who completed his sculpture was part of the team of artists that under the direction of the British sculptor Jason deCaires who made the figures of the Atlantic Museum in the waters of Papagayo. For some time, Bermúdez  has lived in England where he works with Jason deCaires creating artistic works in many parts of the world