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There are numerous Diving centers in Lanzarote all resorts. A very popular sport with some interesting things to see deep in the Atlantic Ocean. Most recently the underwar museum situated off the coast of Playa Blanca. The island offers some of the best diving in Spain with an abundance of different species of fish. You can expect to see in these waters Barracuda, Groupers, Angel Sharks, Giant Tuna to name a few swimming around the interesting volcanic formations and caves. There are even some wrecks to be explored.

In the Summer  the visibility is around 40 to 30 meters and the winter more than 50 meters.
It does not matter if you are a professional diver are just starting out. There are plenty of dive centers to cater for your preferences.

Different types of dives are also available including night dives/early morning, wreck dives and if you are experienced, dives to the conservation park.

You will find a center here that offers either BSAC, PADI or SC

We have a number of holiday villas and some apartments close to dive schools in all resorts and will be happy to help with any further information.