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The facility owned by Endesa (the electric company on the Canary Islands), Enel Green Power Spain and the Insular Water Consortium of Lanzarote are generating a capacity of 8.5 MW of electricity

The wind farm of Los Valles operated by all these consortiums reached a total of 24,544 MWh [megawatt hours] last year increasing by 8% the production compared to 2017. This park located in the municipality of Teguise, was the third of those participated by Endesa in the Canary Islands with the highest production in 2018, just behind Arico (Tenerife) and Carretera de Arinaga (Gran Canaria) ).

Throughout the Canary Islands, EGPE participates in fifteen wind farms that have an installed capacity of 62.89 MW. In 2018 they produced 7% more energy than the previous year with a total production of 170,106 MWh, equivalent to supplying about 50,000 homes on the islands through wind generation.