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The Insular Emergency Consortium has invested 14,500 euros in new solar warning lights which can be found on the beach of El Reducto in Arrecife. This new machine is designed to measure radiation and offers a various elements aimed at preventing skin injuries caused by radiation. These warning lights are already in operation in the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Formentera and Ibiza and also in Malaga south of mainland Spain.
The lights have been named solar traffic lights and are what can be described as visible totem poles easily seen by the public with five luminous elements, in a gradual scale of colors (green, yellow, orange, red and violet). They inform in real time the existing level of solar radiation. At the base there is an explanatory table about what each color implies in order for the user to take preventive measures against the sun.

A computer allows you to make personalized assessments thanks to an interactive system. It will advise you on the maximum recommended time in the sun without prior application of preventive products such as sun tan lotion. The idea is help to set off expense in the healthcare system for health complaints which are sun related. There are plans to instal more machines in the tourist resorts and on the island of Graciosa