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The Uga cheese factory is a benchmark for the best cheeses in the world. It has achieved 51 medals since 2008 at the World Cheese Awards and the more than 85 prizes in other competitions.
So what’s their secret behind making good cheeses? Their answer is a combination of care and good feeding of the animals to get the raw material and following a good process of preparation, careful maturation is key to a good master cheesemaker and a high level of teamwork. The World Cheese Awards which is the most important cheese contest were held in Norway this year where the best cheese is chosen from 3,472 samples brought from around the world.
Since 2008, this cheese factory owned by businessman Juan Francisco Rosa manages to make the best of the 400 goats, 3,000 sheep and 30 cows, with which they manage to make more than twenty varieties of cheeses and have been consecrated as one of the most awarded and recognized cheese factories in the world.