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Costa Teguise will host for the first time a musical event that will attract diverse musical cultures from various continents. The International Festival of World Music Bio-rhythms was presented on Thursday morning in Costa Teguise
The mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, said during the ceremony that “the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the founding of Teguise can be an oportunity to gather different cultures on the same stage that will introduce elements from three continents that share their atlanticity”. “We owe this to the residents of the town who demanded this kind of open-air culture”
The meeting will pay tribute to the island’s culture and be shared with Galicia, the Castilian root of much of the islands culture. The festival will take place in the cultural centre of Timple House-Museum on 16th June and also the amphitheater of Las Cucharas.