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It’s one of the most extraordinary attractions in Lanzarote and almost exclusive as there are not many under water museums in the world. Having said that, only 4.9% of the divers who holidayed in Lanzarote in 2017 visited the Atlantic Museum, according to figures published by the Cabildo’s Data Center. Lanzarote is very popular for diving and 176,644 tourists practiced scuba diving on the island last year, but the underwater museum received only 8,729 visits between January and December 2017.

In fact the Atlantic Museum had only been visited by 8,729 people last year, which is 4.9% of the submariners that Lanzarote received.

As for the first four months of this year, according to figures also from the Cabildo’s Data Center, 2,344 people have accessed the submarine museum, the worst month being February, with only 383 visitors.