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You dont see many pigeons around on a day to day bases, so much so you would wonder if these birds are resident on the island. There are however quite a few natives that have pigeon lofts in their houses and take part in sporting events and use them for racing. There are at leat 200 pigein fanciers in Lanzarote alone spread amongst 4 clubs on the island. You can count this as a popular sport in the Canaries as the population of fancias is estimated around 60% all over Spain. Its a quite a difficult place to race these birds due to the high winds and dry landscape meaning the birds find it very difficult to find water to drink.

There is at the moment a dispute in Lanzarote which is looking to be resolved. Aena (the company which is in charge of Arrecife airport) are looking for compensation of 177,000 euros due to events taking place which invade airspace and put flights at risk.