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The Lanzarote fishing sector in 2017 obtained a turnover of 5.7 million euros, 1.4 more than the previous year.The volume of fresh fish production in Lanzarote reached 2,152 tons last year, while in 2016 it was 2,279 tons. However, although in this last year it was harvested more, the turnover that was obtained was only 4.3 million euros.

The catches that left more income, in particular 3,570,172 million euros with 1,822 tonnes, were those of pelagic species, among which are for example tuna and sardines. In fact, according to another statistic published by the Cabildo’s Data Center, tunids such as large-eye or bigeye tuna, barrel and bonito list were the three species most fished on the occupying island, 75.6%, followed by Fourth place for sardines, of which 71.6 tons were caught.

In 2016, the fishing of pelagic species was also the one that left more income, although much lower than last year. And, then, although 1,927 tons were captured, only 2.1 million were invoiced, that is, 1.4 less.