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It has been proposed that the Goverments Ministry of Agriculture of the Canary Islands leads the way in a Rescue Plan for the cultivation of cochineal, with the collaboration of municipalities and the Council.

The cultivation of cochineal is an agricultural activity introduced in the Canary Islands throughout the nineteenth century and almost became a monoculture on the islands because the boom of the textile industry in Europe, which created a demand this product fo the colouring of the textiles.

The landscape that was once used to cultivate this crop remains almost unaltered, with some 200 hectares of cactus plantations in the Mala and Guatiza areas but sadley they are now mostly abandoned

The situation at the moment has been described as criticaol as out of 200 hectares only 5% is in production and cultivated by just 10 farmers who collect cochineal as a complementary activity. On the other islands the numbers are less and none are dedicated to it professionally.