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Yesterdays International womens day did not go unnoticed in Lanzarote.Apart from the local council building in Arrecife being illuminated in pink more than 2,000 people gathered at the Parque Ramírez Cerdá in Arrecife to participate in a historic demonstration.This is the first day of a feminist strike in Spain and was organised under the slogan “if we stop, the world stops”. Women from all over the country have demonstrated and Lanzarote has not been an exception.

The demonstrators were wearing violet t-shirts and carying banners concentrating in the capital’s park at 6 pm. Aproximateley 2,500 people attended.

Discrimination and the wage gap between men and women has been one of the most denounced aspects, but many other issues were added to this, to make clear the inequality that persists in society and is still agreater problem in other less developed countries.

There will be another protest on Saturday. This demonstration has been organized by the Forum Against Gender Violence and will depart at 11.30 am from the Four Corners to Calle León y Castillo, passing through Otilia Díaz, Plaza de San Ginés and returning through the Inspector Luís Martín Street to La Plazuela. The march will feature performances from Chimbay, the singer Peggy Martínez and the carnival choir Tabletúos.