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Best described as a hydrofoil tire is revolutionizing windsurfing and seems to be beneficial to practicing the sport. Las Cucharas beach, in Costa Teguise is know to have the best conditions in Europe for windsurfing and attracts some twenty of the best windsurfers of the world to train. Of course they are also taking advantage of this new style of windsurfing which has changed the way of understanding sailing. The arrival of the hydrofoil, allows to windsurfers to literally fly without the presence of wind.

The new hydrofoil consists of a keel of three pieces, a mast of approximately one meter, the main wing that gives the suspension to the board and the rear stabilizer. Its possible to reach speeds of between 20 and 25 knots (only 6 knots) enabling you to practice at high speeds with very little wind. Something unknown until now In this way, you can practice windsurfing at very high speeds. Now you can practice every day of the year!