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Its the new rage and has now reached Lanzarote

So What is an escape room?

Can you imagine being in a room with your friends, in a setting in which a story is told, solving puzzles and riddles that lead you to new challenges until together you will find the solution or the exit? … All this with a time limit and a stopwatch that does not stop advancing.The countdown triggers your adrenaline. The best ally for this challenge is your brain. Teamwork is the key … 60 minutes of emotion.You will have to decipher keys, solve puzzles, find clues in a room set where the set contains the enigmas. Some riddles with adjusted difficulty, which will not be impossible to solve but will need logic, observation and deduction capacity. There is a choice of 3 games… The OFfice, Dead Land and The Prison. The three rooms are full of riddles and riddles that will get you close to the exit, The game master will be in charge of directing the game and encouraging and encouraging the players, giving clues, telling stories … In general, it performs an entertainment task and ensures that everything is done correctly.
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