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The United Kingdom maintains its strength in Lanzarote, it continues to be a dynamic market, and despite the uncertainty of Brexit, a significant impact is not expected in principle, as British airlines do not contemplate a scenario of elimination of air freedoms that could lead to an increase in rates. This is one of the main conclusions that were given on Tuesday during a press conference offered by the council president of Lanzarote. Lanzarotes touris advisor has come to this conclusion after attending the World Travel Market 2017, which took place in last week between November 6 and 8 in London

In conclusion The United Kingdom continues to be strong and maintains an indisputable leadership amongst the markets on the island. The British market is showing stability which gives peace of mind to tourism in Lanzarote. It has however experienced a slight decline for this winter of just 1.3% in the reservation of slots (landing and take-off rights) at Lanzarote Airport, mainly because of the overcapacity of previous seasons and the recent demise of Monarch Airlines, although it must be said that other airlines such as Jet2, easyJet and British Airways have begun to occupy part of the gap left which has been left.