UK: 03300 88 5786 & IRL: (01) 5314740

The Extreme Center is a skatboarding center just oposite Overseas english supermatket in Playa Honda. On Saturday 21/10/17 they will be holding an event with pinchos for 1 € , a raffle, mojitos, music and and a exposition of skate boards.

The skate park has

A complete street circuit formed by wall ride, fun boxs, grind boxs, curbs, railings, ladder, eurogap, plans and quarters.

Bowl: 12 meters long by 9 meters wide, with two heights of 1.20 meters on the sides and 1.70 meters on the ends.

Miniramp: 3.75 m wide by 5 meters long and 1 meter high. Ideal for beginners and to practice your new tricks.

Bar – Cafeteria: visit our coffee bar, take a soda or a delicious sandwich in a pleasant atmosphere.

You can also enjoy watching the slopes from the heights with excellent views of the whole circuit

Shop: specialized shop with all the necessary technical equipment for your favorite sport.

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