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The waters around Lanzarote are another world completely as any diver would tell you. Many people are aware of the dolphins that sometimes can be seen around the shores and there is an abundance of all types of different fish lying beneath the surface.

A  trip to the Lanzarote Aquarium is an experience to see different species of sharks that are rarely encountered in the sea. You can actualy dive and observe these special creatures close up. Before the dive you will be informed about the morphology of sharks and how to behave around these predators. All dives are guided by one of our instructors as well as the marine biologist of the aquarium. We guarantee for your safety during the whole experience.

Even as a non-diver you can experience great adventure. You will get a detailed orientation with a practical lesson in the pool prior to your dive in the aquarium. for full information visit the Aquatis Diving Center website