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Looking for a restaurants where you know that you are going to have a good meal? Lanzarote has a selection of restaurants which have reached the the Michelin guide. Heres the list below

Casa Brito
A restaurant with a rustic ambience, where the high standard of cooking will come as a pleasant surprise for guests. The focus is on a traditional menu specialising in grilled meats with a varied provenance, including Germany, Uruguay, Galicia, Asturias, Castilla etc.

This restaurant is on a pedestrianised street in the Triana district. It breaks with the predominant traditional atmosphere of the island with its contemporary, minimalist look enclosed by stone walls. Up-to-date, imaginative and seasonal cuisine with a Catalan influence.

La Terraza
A prestigious restaurant with its own personality vis-à-vis the hotel with a classically inspired interior complemented by an attractive terrace. Innovative cuisine with a nod to seasonal local produce.

El Chyrrasco
If you enjoy eating meat you are in luck as this restaurant serves Argentinean meat of the highest quality. It is prepared, as is the case in all churrasquerías, on the grill, and served in an attractively appointed dining room

El Arrosar
This popular restaurant offers quality Galician cuisine at fair prices. It has a bar for food service and three simple, small dining rooms.

Ribera del Rio Miño
The owner of this restaurant is always confident of the quality of his ingredients, which arrive directly from Galicia or Huelva. Professionalism, top-notch Galician cooking, display cabinets full of enticing fish and seafood, as well as a thoroughly modern setting