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Although, according to Met Office meteorologist John Hammond, there’s no official definition of a heatwave, these hot-weather phenomena take their toll not only on a population’s health, but also business and infrastructure – such as power, water and transport.

A heatwave is a period of unusually hot or humid weather that lasts at least two or three days – and remaining hot throughout the nights – that affects large areas. Heatwaves are caused by a system of higher atmospheric pressure, whereby air from upper levels of the atmosphere descends and rotates out. As it descends, it compresses, increasing the temperature. The outward flow, meanwhile, makes it difficult for other systems to enter the area, and the large size and slow speed of the hot air causes the heatwave to remain for days or even weeks. The lack of clouds means that an affected area is struck with strong sunlight.

There is a yellow alert for a calima from Monday to Wednesday in Lanzarote.On Monday tempretures reached 39,5 degrees and the alert will continue with an orange warning for high tempretures.The figure was registered at 2 pm at the airport station. The island will go yellow after Wednesday

According to data from the Aemet,tempretures reached 26.55 degrees at 8 in the morning.It has con continued to rise, albeit intermittently. At 12 o’clock it was 38.6 degrees, dropping to 32.5 degrees at 13 o’clock and rising again at 14 to the maximum peak of 39.5 degrees.