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Guanche is the name for the original natives of the island. Once the term used for the natives of Tenerife, it has since been adopted by the all of the islands in the Canaries

A Majo refers to the original natives of just Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.  The stone age settlers called Lanzarote Titerogakaet which translates to Rose-coloured-Hill.

The Majos had some knowledge of pottery but no metals and lived in stone houses and caves. Their did have a basic knowledge of agriculture and farmed barley to make Gofio which is still a traditional food consumed today by islanders. They also kept livestock including goats, sheep and pigs. The led polygamous lives and each womanwas known to take up to 3 husbands.

It is believed that they migrated to the archipelago around 1000 BC. You can find plent of evidence around the Canary islands of these original inhabitants in museums and many street names have been taken from this historic culture