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If you have ever ventured on to flight tracker to have a look at where a flight might be landing I am sure you will be surprised at the amount of aircraft there are in the air at any one time when you venture onto the map. I have recentley taken a look at the Arrecife Ship tracker to take a look at when the next cruise liner will be passing by the coast of the island. They always add to the scenery dominating the landscape. They always look so big and you cant but think how amazing it is that these enormouse vessels float on the water.

The Atantic is such a vast area that you probably think that there is not a lot going on beyond the horizon. I have just discovered a ship tracker that tells a different story. By clicking on the vessels you can see a a foto and factfile including the speed it is travelling and where its going.

You can see for yourself by clicking here

I could spend all day looking at whats going on