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This island is full of sculptures and statues so its no surprise that another has just been inaugurated, this time in the capital of Arrecife. The sculpture, by Rigoberto Camacho, has been made with materials resistant to climate changes. It measures 2.30 meters and weighs approximately 1,000 kilos and is dedicated to Heraclio Niz knon as the back bone of the city

Heraclio Niz was born on July 27, 1929 in Máguez and a great football fan, At the age of 18 he officially made the leap to the Canarian wrestling. In the 50s he won important challenges against the most outstanding fighters of the time until he left in 1958 to apply for the municipal police and years later he worked for the Local Police of Arrecife.

Heraclio Niz, a beloved man of great sympathy, had important milestones throughout his life, such as his participation in the film “A million years ago”, which was filmed in Lanzarote and in which the actress Raquel Welch starred.

Heraclio Niz received several awards throughout his life. Among others, the then Minister of Tourism, Manuel Fraga, awarded the Tourist Merit medal because for years he was a true host of thousands of tourists arriving in Arrecife. In addition, he received the Knight’s Cross of the Order.